Friday, May 05, 2006

Climbing the tower and Ted Danson

Oh some very exciting things have been happening.

The CN Tower climb is over and, good googly moogly, it was insane. Looks like we raised over $800K. That's 17% over last year's event.

There was a 79-year old man who came from Scotland to climb. There was another guy who went up and down the tower 6 times. Someone went up the tower in a wheelchair. I dunno how that worked. I was registering people and didn't see the logistics.

My family and I went up at 6 am on Saturday. Our times looked like this...

Jeremy (14 years old) - 19 minutes
Brad (husband) and Chelsea (10 years old) - 28 minutes
Layne (13 years old) - 40 minutes
Me and Paige (10 years old) - 53 minutes (personal all-time best for both of us - tragic)

Paige and I stopped at every fifth landing so the "acid" could leave our legs. We'd go an extra flight if there was barf on the floor at our scheduled stop. People actually make themselves sick in their quest to break the record for speed (7 minutes and 52 seconds). This is gross and unnecessarily flamboyant.

And we raised $1,430 for climate change. Pretty cool. Thanks to everyone who sponsored us! (Anyone interested still can if you click here.)

In other news........

I have it on extremely good authority that Ted Danson has seen our Aquarium TV spot and thinks it's hot stuff and thinks it should be used in America to raise awareness of the plight of the world's oceans.

Though I suppose the rulebook of cool says I should remain unimpressed by such news, I was pretty schoolgirlish about the whole thing.

In more news..........

Next week I present the detailed marketing plan for our fiscal year '07 to the management committee.

I'm struggling with what to write about it here. Big stuff, big stuff! But I don't want to give away my big secrets. I'm always amazed by who and how many people read this blog. Anyone who thinks charities aren't competitive with one another would be mistaken. We're always helping each other in many ways, but there actually is a line. I figure laying out the marketing plan here is on the other side of it.

Suffice it to say that new channels will be a big part of what we're up to, as I've gone on and on about previously. More big national campaigns will be coming, too. And a lot of behind the scenes things that are operationally focused are planned.

Anyway, we'll see how the presentation goes.

They've slotted me as the first presentation of the day. I'm usually last and I like being last. At the end of the day they're mentally spent and don't give me too much guff. This time they'll be fresh and perky and full of questions.

I'm told I should be pleased with this change in the batting order because it allows me to set the standard for the rest of the presentations.

They are very cagey and know just the right thing to say to me.


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