Tuesday, April 18, 2006

M.I.A. (Pam)

Wow. Two weeks have passed and I'm now back to work.

Let's see. What's been happening......

Got my motorcycle back from storage only to find that it needed a new head gasket...a thousand bucks later, it's now in the parking garage waiting for me to yell, "Yabba dadda doo" and beat it for home.

In more exciting news, I brought home a basset hound named Mona. I've been teaching her all about house breaking. Mona struggles mightily with her manners. She's cuter than hell, though. Here she is.

House training last week was interrupted by a trip to Ottawa to present a marketing/public outreach plan to the feds with the hope of attracting some sponsorship support.

I was most certainly a fish out of water. I am the first marketing person any of the meeting's attendees had really ever met with, so it was very easy to engage them and they were very receptive to our ideas. However, my ability to read the sub-text of what's really being said in meetings such as that is non-existent, having never worked on government business in the past. I'll know how things actually went in the next week or so.

I came in from my vaca to spend a couple days in planning sessions with all the fundraising directors. Absolutely fascinating. I spend my days asking millions of people for $20 or $40. The other directors ask dozens of people and corporations for tens of thousands of dollars. And those people actually say, 'Yes'! The skills they possess seem magical to me.

With the growth targets we've set to 2010 (double our overall revenue), we're really counting on fundraising from areas other than my group to lead the way. Marketing is simply too costly to bear the growth.

Speaking of which, my budget for FY'07 is due on Friday. I've been ruminating. I've been talking, asking, challenging, whining, selling. The plan is now in my head. I need to get it onto some paper.

Meeting with the big brains at FCB tomorrow to show them what I'm thinking. We'll see if they like it.


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