Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Who's next? (Pam)

I'm taking a break from putting the final touches on my CMA presentation. You know when you get to the part where you have to animate the thing? A boring task from which I need some reprieve.


Who's going to take over this blog? Are you not bored with me by now and looking for some new tales of triumph, failure and motorcycles?

Surely there's someone out there pining to share with the world some great new marketing venture upon which they are about to embark?

If so, look no further. I think if you just email Paul Ferriss, a big cheese editor at Marketing Mag, he'll talk to you about it.

Why don't I share with you some thoughts as you ponder whether this is the thing for you?


1. You have a story you think people can learn from.
2. You can commit to posting at least once a week. (Unlike, ahem, Bill Baker.)
3. You can write.
4. You have permission to reveal ancient Chinese secrets. Or at least some. It's no fun if you can't share results.


1. You're crashingly boring. (Look deep within yourself to know the truth of this matter.)
2. You're afraid of people "judging" you. Confidence helps.
3. You think "nuclear" is spelled n-u-c-u-l-a-r.
4. You have a prob with strangers emailing you about their products/services/how they'd be so much better at your job than you are.


Think about it. It's fun. Besides, everyone's dying to hear from someone new already.

(I'm guessing that's true. Maybe I need more confidence. Was it something I said? Did I say anything to offend anyone? Oh...my...gawd. What if people didn't get that I was joking when I said that Joe Piccolo wanted to punch me in the face? Cause I really was! Oh man. Now everyone might think I'm so awful that people want to hurt me. But it's not true! Chris Taciuk's shoes really are weird, but that doesn't make him a bad person. I didn't mean it! My good gravy, what have I done?!)


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