Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm back! (Pam)

Okay. So I didn't quit smoking. But no children were injured by me on the 24-hour drive to and from Sarasota. Fair trade, I'd say.

Stopped for some Marlboro Lights in Ohio, right around the time I realised that I'd forgotten to charge my iPod.

So, I'm back. Got in on Monday to look at results and figure out what we're going to do with the site to improve conversions.

FCB has recommended some very smart creative tweaks that will be implemented next week.

The CN Tower climb is moving at a screaming pace with just 6-weeks left before d-day. We've doubled the numbers of climbers and teams registered by this time last year. Nothing new in the marketing approach for this event, so I just gotta believe we're benefitting from overall awareness due to the climate change campaign.

I'm presenting this whole campaign at the CMA's Not-For-Profit conference next week. Have you ever tried to condense a year and a half of your life into a power point presentation? It's not easy.

Was just interrupted by my cell phone...child sick at school with very bad tummy situation. Must leave. Will write more this evening.


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