Monday, March 27, 2006

The friends you make (Pam)

The first thing that I do when I join a company is to make friends in two places. One - the EA of the biggest cheese. (For access and any skinny one can get.) Two - the IT guys. (To find out how much snooping into my Internet activity goes on and access bitchin' new computers.)

I had a prob with my computer (don't ask me what). My whining (executed with great charm) resulted in the awesome new machine upon which I am currently typing. It's so super fast that the IT guy was just in my office giggling, literally, about what a monster he has built just for me. I LOVE IT GUYS!

So. That latest. Well. Not much.

New changes to the site will go live end of day tomorrow, I hope. We'll get the MSN activity off hiatus and see what happens.

CN Tower Climb registrations are going insane. The trick is...are these new registrations, or just migration of paper registrations to on-line? Don't know yet. Haven't done the data work.

Can't do the data work because I've put our data guy into chains and have swallowed him up into a dark and enless pit of data queries and analysis so I can finish my initial planning for next year. Donor base composition by channel. Value by channel. Attrition. Retention. Gift values by type. Tenure. Acquisition spend analysis. All very nerdy, but endlessly fascinating.

The people in my group are tiring of me interrupting their work to regale them with obscure facts about our business.

"Did you know, my fair maiden, that while 61% of our donor acquisitions have come from DRTV over the past 5 years, this group represents only 31% of our current base? Have you any idea the implications?" (Seriously, that's huge.)

Over the next day, I'll have all this data pulled into one bad boy of a document that will point the way for planning. Then it's off to the marketing committee of our board with a straw dog of a marketing plan for them to tear through.

This is my favourite part of my job. Taking gobs of data and finding the nuggets of gold that I can use to move the business where it needs to go. Trick is to bring everyone along with me.

(Update on tummy turmoil from previous post. Daughter suffered from nothing that some Pepto Bismol and SpongeBob SquarePants couldn't cure.)


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