Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Conversion, polar bears and Phyllis Yaffe (Pam)

Jeez, Louise. It's terrible, this sitting and waiting. Waiting for new things to work. Have made a few revisions to the site to see what is going to help our conversion rates.

With the new MSN deal, we're getting a ton of click-thrus. Problem is conversion.

Our best conversions seem to be led by messaging around the fact that polar bears are drowning. It pretty shocking actually. Because the ice has melted so fast up there where the polar bears live, they have to swim sometimes up to 100km to get to their food sources. Some of them just can't make it. Stunning, given that these animals are the best swimmers with four legs.

So, we're working on integrating this messaging into the opening animation on the site, making the link between the plight of the polar bears and putting one's name in the sky.

We'll see.

I met with the word-of-mouth guy. Very, very interesting conversation. I think about how I make purchase decisions and how so many of those decisions are made by with input from my friends and colleagues. It just seems like a no-brainer that if the power of personal influence can be harnessed to save the planet, well then, colour me interested.

Will be talking about this and a couple of other ideas I have up my sleeve with the marketing committee of our board of directors at the end of the month. At that time, I'll be presenting a straw dog of next year's marketing plan.

The chair of this group is Phyllis Yaffe, the smartest woman I've ever had the luck to work with. A giant in Canadian business, sufferer of no stupidity and all-around great lady. We'll see what she thinks.

FYI, we just finished the month of February up 14.6% over last year (July to end of Feb) for revenue for my team. Smashing, I say. It would appear that we're doing lots right.

It's going to be 11 degrees on Friday. I want my bike.


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