Sunday, February 19, 2006

Woeful longing for wind and nausea (Pam)

This is a totally personal post, apropos of nothing except my longing for summer.

I miss my motorcycle. Was pretty bad on those days in January when people were jogging in shorts and I saw so many bikes on the road.

Mine is in storage, so I can't just wheel her out.

Just thought I'd share. My misery is in search of company.

This is me with my Vulcan 800 Classic in July last year. She's so pretty, all pimped out in chrome. Here, we're on our way to Orange County Choppers in New York (about a 10-hour ride from Toronto). Went to see them about commissioning a WWF chopper that we would auction. The money didn't make sense, though. I saw Paul Sr., but didn't talk to him. He's huge.

This is me on a rented Harley Fat Boy at the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park in California in October. My husband and I took this trip to celebrate our first anniversary. It was almost our last anniversary. Just a few hours after this pic was taken, we were up in the mountains where my concentration broke as we were riding through a blind, hairpin turn and I wandered into the on-coming lane. Right after, I pulled over to have a smoke and consider my immediate future as a motorcyclist - how the hell I'd get off that mountain without ever getting back on a motorcycle again. I wanted to cry, but chicks on Harleys don't cry, so I didn't. But, I did ride back down that mountain, only to relive the incident in my nightmares for some time after. I feel nauseous whenever I think about it.

Yet still, I long for the wind to make a bird's nest of my hair and my goggles to make big, red, semi-permanent indentations around my eyes as I ride my bitchin' machine.

Oh, and our big Internet push on MSN starts tomorrow. Having serious tracking issues on the net. Something's getting lost between our ads and Web Trends. A major worry that, I'm hopeful, will be sorted out one way or another tomorrow.


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