Monday, February 27, 2006

3 names went into the sky while I typed this (Pam)

It's been a week since last I whined about my need for speed and breeze.

In the meantime, we've launched an online campaign with MSN using a variety of different channels and creative executions, all text-based. The impact has been interesting.

Our acquisition rate has quadrupled, which is fantastic. But, we need it to gajillion-uple. The process of optimization is quite interesting and terrifying, particularly if you've got tracking issues and don't have all the answers. Each day, results improve.

Apparently, I need to be more patient.

The response to our acquisition direct mail is insane. We've got 58% more monthly donors than we would have expected. All that action is coming from our house lists. Looks like the reason is some sort of combination of the urgency of the issue and the creative.

Overall, we've raised close to a couple hundred thousand dollars so far. Still a long way to go from here.

On another front, one of my staff is in Gland, Switzerland, trying to get a job at our international headquarters. I know that once they get a load of her, I can kiss her goodbye. Very sad for me. Very good for her. All she wants to do is save the world, and working for our international team gets her one step closer to Kofi Annan's job.

Looks like I'll be needing a mid-level on-line marketing-type person real soon.


Blogger saulcolt said...


If and when you are in need of a mid level Marketing Manger I would love to be considered.

I am enjoying your blog and feel I can bring great value to WWF!

All the best.

Saul Colt

4:13 PM  

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