Thursday, January 05, 2006

Will great work sell itself? (Bill)

We got approval to the final picture last night, and the output is another example of a Client and an Agency working together to make the product better. Without exception, at least in my experience, a collaborative approach to creative development and production always results in the best work.

I remember starting in this business and being told I had to know my Clients' business better than they know their business. I never bought into it. I have been on the Client side, a couple times, so I have a sense for how they spend their day, and I know it is impossible - impossible - to know the the nuance and dynamics of their business better than them. So how can we possibly build strategic communications engineered to deliver business results without their expertise and input into the process?

With our Climate Change creative moving close to completion, we're feeling as though we are three for three. (And by "we," of course, I mean the Client/Agency team.) So the question is, will this great work help us secure incremental media beyond what we have planned?

This new spot is nothing if not cinematic, so our next BHAG is to figure out how to get this spot on the big screens at Cineplex/Famous Players. The pre-show is great, but we'd like to be on-screen after the lights go down. The problem is, it costs a fortune to advertise in this medium - apparently the Dolby license alone is over $1000 per screen.

But this is the fun part: pulling together an innovative program that will get the spot the attention it deserves.

At this point, every incremental bit of media we secure inches WWF closer to the tipping point; and given the profile of the Global Warming issue, the tipping point seems to be getting closer and closer.


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