Thursday, January 19, 2006

Watching and waiting (Pam)

Names are going up in the sky! People from right across Canada.

There are also names from the U.S. There's someone from Spain and someone from Poland. (People from over 40 countries participated in our Do Not Drill campaign.)

Challenges so far include:

Very little media coverage of our press conference. We knew this would be a problem because of the election. Our campaign was planned in July. It just wasn't possible to move the launch once the writ was dropped.

For some reason, almost none of the TV weight we'd expected in the first three days of the campaign has actually aired. I get a report every morning that details the stations and shows on which the spot airs and the times. Lots missing. Trying to figure out why.

The site itself had a problem when a donor used a weird character and caused all the names in the sky to temporarily disappear. The good news is that people were still able to sign up during this technical glitch. It's fixed.

Wins so far include:

Transit is up and looks great.

Our MSN (we love MSN) deal has an ad and content on the first page of the Home and Lifestyle sections.

The viral potential of the web site seems to be gaining traction given that we're seeing sign-ups at a rate we wouldn't have expected based on very little press coverage and media activity.

We keep receiving a great deal of very positive and enthusiastic feedback from people who have seen and/or used the site.

We'll analyze site activity and conversion rates tomorrow and every day after that. Follow up PR efforts are also in the works.

Tense times as we wait and watch. But no huge warning signs as yet. Early days.


Blogger Campbell said...

I've been following your nail-biting progress as closely as my own daily website creation dramas will allow. Let me just say that you all pulled off a wonderful site, and that the viral marketing will provide you with a more powerful medium in the end - moreso than a theatre full of captive teenagers chucking gummi bears at the screen.

I've actually heard a lot about this project outside of Marketing! and this weblog, and have managed to spread the word to my fellow alumni and associates to encourage them to check it out.

Once the "name in the sky" campaign has been established, I'd love to be able to purchase a keep sake similar to your "adopt a polar bear" ordeal, except to again help the climate - only problem, what to use to represent the climate....thermometers are not really that cute and cuddly....

Best of luck - it may not seem like it now but the cause is more than worth the stress.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Pam Davis and Bill Baker said...

I'm so glad you like it! And also glad to hear that you're hearing chatter about the campaign. That's exactly what we need, given that our resources are so limited. Keep telling all your friends! I know I do (all my friends are sick of hearing about it).


9:43 PM  
Anonymous Terry McSorley said...

I think the website is great; a very effective way to get people donating, who doesn't want to see their name flying around in the sky!

I closed the webpage probably 3 hours ago, but the sound of the wind is still coming through my speakers haha...I'm not sure if this is a computer problem or your website calling me back to make a donation!

Good luck with you campaign, it's something I will be sharing with my family and friends!

8:07 PM  
Blogger Pam Davis and Bill Baker said...

Thank you so much, Terry! I'm glad you like the site.

That sound is supposed stop when the flash animation stops. Weird that it continues. Haven't heard that one before. Will check on it.


8:26 PM  

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