Monday, January 16, 2006

Launch Day II (Pam)

Everyone's getting ready to leave for the media conference. It's happening.

Looked at the web site demo for the conference at 9:00 this morning. It was wrong. No idea how that happened. Will worry about it later. It's correct now.

Nothing like dangling off the side of a cliff to get the blood moving first thing in the morning.

Had a chat with the prez this morning about his speech. We need a rousing, emotional delivery. Not his usual style.

Talked to him about something he said to me when we were reviewing the direct mail copy.

He said that all the work that WWF has done over the past decades -- protecting forests and oceans and our endangered species work -- will be lost if we don't stop climate change.

That brings it home. Talking about that gave him a real spark. He'll do what we need him to do.

I'm going to drink some Diet Coke and medidate over a cigarette.

We have a show to put on. Wish us luck.


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