Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's like crack (Bill)

I watched over Pam's shoulder as she was checking out the reporting site that gives her real time analytics on the Climate Change Microsite - saveourclimate.ca. During the one hour period when she was presenting the campaign and the Climate Change programs to her organization, thirty donations were made; earlier in the day a Skywriter contributed $500. And Pam knew about within minutes.

We thought we had it good when I was at ATT+T Canada Long Distance and we got each day's sales results by noon the next day - it allowed us to optimize our media placement on the fly (at least in theory). With real-time reporting, Pam could practically pick up the phone and personally thank each donor before they had a chance to put their credit card back in their wallet.

There were moments when the real time reporting was tough to watch - the times when Pam refreshed the screen and there hadn't been any activity; but more often than not, it seemed like it would be addictive. Like crack to a Direct Marketer.

That said, there is definitely a buzz at WWF and at the Agency over this, and the online guys are getting the recognition they deserve - this is a world class website.

And as professionally gratifying as it is to be part of world class work like this, it's even more gratifying to see it deliver results.


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