Saturday, January 21, 2006

How I spent my Friday night (Bill)

On Boxing Day I finally ditched my six year old computer and replaced it with one with a blistering fast processor. Does it ever change the online experience. I didn't know what i was missing.

Last night I added the names of my three nieces to the sky at for two reasons. First and most importantly, because it supports a great cause; but in close second, because the site experience is awesome.

As I was watching the virtual sky last night I recognized a number of last, but not first names. Clearly, a lot of my co workers and some of my friends are making their contributions in the names of family members. When we were working through the web creative early in the process, we talked about offering special sentiments for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Based on what I’m seeing now, it might have been a big idea.


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