Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the horror......the horror (Pam)

In the past two days, our launch event has changed date, time and venue....twice. Anxiety. Nausea. Man-ish levels of perspiration. Many, many cigarettes.

More big names have signed on for the press conference. It's remarkable what you get if you just ask. People care more than I realised from my vantage point in the weeds.

TV is done. Radio is done. Print is done.

Web site is not done, but it's out of the shower and drying its hair. Direct mail is calling the cab.

I'm not sleeping at night but am having the time of my life.


Anonymous Ellott Sinclair said...

I visited the saveourclimate site: beautiful composition, effect, concept, and so on. It was painful to wait to see what would unravel, maybe I’m the one who need’s a new computer. And when the unraveling finished, I was left with one question. How is this relevant to me, the viewer? Can we not make this more relevant? So I get to put my name in the sky. That’s what the world needs, more graffiti. Is that how we make it relevant?
Relevant is how it impacts us. Show a time lapse of the glaciers withdrawing, hurricanes, forests burning, starvation, economic-panic, Armageddon. There's got to be a way to link this to us. You’ll need to put the fear of god in us if your want us to send money.

Maybe extract from Ronald Wright’s Massey lectures where he tries to link our crisis with that of other vanished civilizations. The price, this time will not be regional, but global.

It’s great to see that you are working on something other than promoting conspicuous consumption. It is time that we also take a part in spreading the word. Hope you reach your goal.

3:54 PM  

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