Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back with a bang (Pam)

That's right. First day back and today we secured a big name for our campaign launch on January 16. Only 8 more biz days left to get a few more big names lined up.

Actually, it's worse than that. Only 8 more biz days in order to get the web site finished. It's some crazy cool technology FCBi is building and it has its challenges. They're telling me they're confident the site will work for launch day. I hope they're right considering that the site will be used for the first time in front of the media with our big names doing the demonstration. Good lord. What have I gotten all of us into?

Believe me when I tell you that every possible contingency will be planned and replanned. I'm primarily motivated by an overwhelming aversion to looking stupid. I'm not going to look stupid.

Lots of copy editing needs to be done on the site. When isn't there too much copy? It has got to go. This will not go over well with Julia, climate change guru. She is already irritated by our need to simplify complicated stuff. To her, nuance is lost in simplification. Without simplification, the information is too much work to digest and understand. Who cares what the thing says if no one will be bothered to read it?

Also due for the launch date - the TV spots and the radio. Going to look at supers tomorrow afternoon, this time will final timing and graphic treatment. TV and radio voices will be recorded on Thursday at RMW.

Bad news. Seems we've lost one of our creative guys. A junior art director. He went over to Cossette to get lost in a sea of other junior art directors. I'm very disappointed, but look forward to giving another junior person the chance to do some really fantastic work. It's very, very important to me that our account be a "teaching" account, where young kids have access to a meaningful creative canvas in a positive environment where they have a voice and can learn not only the nuts and bolts of how creative gets done, but how to persuade a client and defend their work, to be big thinkers, not just typists. That was a long sentence.


Anonymous alice said...

Speaking of cutting back on copy, Pam.....

7:10 PM  
Blogger Pam Davis and Bill Baker said...

I'm absolutely tragic, I know.

I was wondering when someone would have something to say about how long my entries are.

10:12 AM  

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