Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wardrobe malfunctions avoided (Pam)

While Bill Baker was cozy at home, his right hand, Jennnifer Lee, accompanied me to a review of wardrobe this fine Sunday evening.

All's well. Saw almost all of it. Some military uniforms are en route from Vancouver.

Pre-pro in the morning.


Anonymous Joanna... er, Wiseman. said...

So, like, today (tonight) is the first time I'm reading this blog o' yours. Does that make me a bad employee?

But now I'm reading it, and will continue to, mark my words. I'm all excited for you to post pictures from today's shoot.

Good thing I am reading it - "...which is the only thing that stops me from firing her..." gives me pause - would I go straight to beach or mountain?

But just remember, if you really did drop the ax I'd have to stop liking you, which would make you sad, you know! In fact, you may never recover from emotional trauma like that :P

1:25 AM  
Blogger Pam Davis and Bill Baker said...

I would NEVER fire you, Wiseman. I just put that there for creative flare. You know me.


8:39 AM  

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