Friday, December 23, 2005

Twas two days before Xmas (Pam)

My yearning for ginger cookies, a pail of Baileys, the National Enquirer and my overstuffed leather chair is now palpable.

Alas, I am in my office with my dog at my feet and Christmas carols playing on the radio.

It's a good moment to look back on the year and rejoice of the bounty given unto WWF over the past year.

Our revenues are up almost 13% for the year. This in a time when most charities not dealing with natural disasters are significantly down for the year.

Why the success, I ask myself? Because much of our efforts have been focused on advertising versus direct marketing, we're now in the same boat as so many other marketers who can't put a finger on exactly what is causing what.

I do know that two national campaigns in six months is having a profound effect. But, I'm getting lots of questions about how a charity can afford to be doing what we are.

It's pretty simple, really. Not easy, but simple.

The production and media industries are making it happen. We can't afford the creative that FCB has been pumping out. Production houses like Brown and Spy and Ruckus are the ones that allow us to do this work. And then the media companies put it on the air and in their magazines and on their garbage cans and in the subway stations.

So as I count down the last hours before I go home with my dog to drink a pail of Baileys and read the paper, I give thanks for the stuff we've been given so we can make a difference for the planet.

I'm feeling pretty good.

Accha and peace out.


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