Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Trying not to check out (Pam)

Have I mentioned that I'm exhausted?

Three more sleeps until I'm off until the new year. The pace has never been more frenetic. Trying not to check out early for the holidays.

In the past 36 hours, I have given approvals/feedback to the following:

- radio scripts (too funny, the spot is)
- television supers (just the type...waiting to see it in place with sound and proper timing)
- direct mail (RED folder - the final round of revisions)
- web site architecture and copy
- public relations backgrounders

I, along with our PR guru, Tara, have also been trying to recruit famous people for our campaign launch on January 16. It will be terribly embarrassing if I can't find any famous people to help us out. Does anyone know any famous people who are into stopping climate change?

The big thing I was holding my breath over was whether or not we'd get the CN Tower as the venue for our press conference. That was secured this morning.

Had a group Xmas lunch at my house yesterday. My team gave me this awesome Baileys gift set. Booze and cool mugs from which to drink it. Love it. A shout out to my posse. (I'm SO street.)

Had my first TV interview today on CITY TV in Toronto. The show is called "Animal House Calls". The host, Ann Rohmer, made me wear a WWF toque through the entire interview. At no time could I actually see myself. I am blessed. My husband, the famous Brad Ross, city of Toronto spokesperson, says I didn't look like a female Trailer Park Boy. I choose to believe him.

Three more sleeps. Just three more sleeps.


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