Thursday, December 08, 2005

On the brink of a breakthrough (Bill)

I’m a big believer in the philosophy of Good to Great. In fact, people I work with are probably sick of me talking about it all the time. But the parallels between the process outlined in Collins’ book and the process WWF is in the midst of, are remarkable. The past 12 months have seen numerous small steps forward, which are starting to add up to one big difference. It’s the Flywheel Effect – there isn’t one moment in time or one event we can point to that is making the difference in the performance of the brand; it is the cumulative effect of EVERY moment and EVERY event that is starting to create the momentum.

And the timing of this campaign couldn’t be better -- Global Warming is a top of mind issue for Canadians, and WWF Canada is going to be first to market with a compelling proposition to address the problem.

I bet that if WWF stays on the Good to Great track they’re on today, Climate Change is going to be the breakthrough campaign.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...enjoying the your blog. Hey for those who are wondering if global warming is real, send the crew to shoot your stuff right here in Whitehorse - yup the Yukon where it was plus 6 yesterday. We have no snow. It rained for a week in November. No lie. I've been here almost 30 years and I'm stunned by what's going on.

If global warming is not top of mind for Canadians, test their top of mind brand association for "the Yukon" and then show them the pix of Dec 9/05 with no snow and puddles! Reality check?

11:56 AM  

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