Friday, December 02, 2005

Great way to end the week (Pam)

Holy guacamole.

Had a great day. Saw the media plan. It's awesome. Did you know that there are free phone booths that play videos? I did not know this.

Saw final casting for the TV. There are........get ready for it.......50 talent involved in this shoot. 50 people who said, "Yeah, I think I'll spend a day working for no pay." I can't believe it. It's so incredibly humbling when stuff like this happens. I think I might have already said this before, but, man, I just am amazed by the generousity of people. We'd be absolutely nowhere without people like this.

Did I mention that there's a helicopter involved, too?

Saw the location. The exterior is great. A regular house on a regular street in Etobicoke. The interior is the exact opposite of what I wanted. After some 'discussion', I've agreed to just chill out and let the set designer/prop guru make it all fine.

(The lamps in the living room have giant jewels hanging from them. The kind that, when I was a kid, my grandma had on her lamps and I fantasized about stealing them and selling them and being a rich princess who sleeps on 10 mattresses and can feel a pea under them. Those kinda jewels.)

Had a convo about the big web site idea previously hinted at. Just sorting out the flow of action and architecture. Is going to be big, I tell you!

Had a big team meeting to review exactly where we're at with the whole campaign. Julia, the conservationist, has been in Montreal at the international climate change conference. She's really kicking ass, getting our message out, working the politics.

So much has changed, so quickly, that not everyone on the team even knew what was going on. For a day, there was little communication to the broader team so that some people didn't even know that the launch date had been pushed back by a week.

Everyone's back on board and in the loop. Going to try to sleep tonight.


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