Sunday, December 18, 2005

Great Clients = Great Advertising (Bill)

Pam really is a remarkable client. There is a unique creative treatment in the :60 version of the spot that Pam was not going to approve. We had both strategic and creative rationale for using the treatment, but it wasn't doing it for Pam. When she showed it to her colleagues, however, many of them liked the treatment - some liked it a lot. So when we got together to discuss the issue on Friday, Pam completely backed down, and approved the spot as presented. I should probably repeat that: Pam approved the :60 fine cut without a single change - that never happens.

Pam is very quick to heap praise on the Agency for all the great work, but the truth of the situation is this: there are numerous creative people involved in the process - our creative team, our creative directors, the director, the editor, the producer, and even a few account people - but there is one person responsible for the integrity of this campaign. If not for Pam saying the three most important words in advertising, "it is approved," we would be nowhere.

Clients get the advertising they deserve, and with Pam at the helm, WWF deserves some great advertising.


Blogger Make the logo bigger said...

Yes, there are others out here. Thought I'd cruise around and see what other creatives are blogging about.

I agree with the theme of the ost, and even more, I think courageous clients = great creative. The more they will take a chance, the work has no choice but to tkae off.

Of course, I've witnessed the inverse priniciple all too often. Safe clients = boring work that does nothing for the brand or the agency.

Just my 2¢.

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Blogger Make the logo bigger said...

Wow, good thing I ran a spell-check, sorry about that, but I can't edit it. That's why I'm an AD.


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