Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The fine cut is soooo fine (Pam)

Saw the fine cut of the :60 and :30 TV spots this evening. Heavens to Betsy. It's hot stuff.

My biggest worry was that the story we were telling wouldn't come through clearly. If you've looked at the concept script, you'll know that it looks good on paper, but once you sign off on a concept you can only hope that it works in practice.

As always happens, some copy that was written the morning of the shoot is what brings the whole thing home.

It's a tough thing we're doing. We're taking the hard road. We're not talking about death and destruction that can be so emotional. We're talking about how WWF-Canada works. It's a positioning exercise. Essentially, we're selling a process -- how we do our business.

Anyway, once the thing is finished, I'll post it for a sneak preview. It's H-O-T hot, I tell you!

Print is done and out the door. Don't have a final PDF yet, but when I do, I'll post it.

Direct mail is in progress. We're on the YELLOW round of copy revisions -- revision #2. Shot the photography with the brilliant Robert Lear.

The web stuff is killer. Ha! Can't wait for something to show you on that. Bit of a scare on that yesterday, though. Got a whiff that Julia, climate change guru, was not happy with the concept after I'd presented it to her and she appeared to be very happy.

Funny how some executional details can threaten to skuttle a concept. Lesson: sweat the small stuff.

Anyway, is solved and all is well.

Approved a radio script the other day. Very funny stuff. Will put that up here, too.

Press conference is a bit of a challenge. Trying to get some super secret celebrities on board for the event. Having probs getting our venue nailed. Messaging is finished, though. At least I think it's finished. You never seem to know when anything's actually finished around here.

We've gotten massive press from the international climate change conference that just ended in Montreal. We've got a lot of momentum leading up to the launch on Jan. 16.


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