Friday, December 16, 2005

Approved! (Pam)

That's right. TV is approved. Staff loved it. Still have to work on supers.

Big debate re: cool creative treatment on the picture in a couple places that I felt hurt the message. Apparently, it's just me who has a prob with it.

My staff thought my decision was "sick". Piccolo and Taciuk had a bird. Even Bill was unaligned with me. (Bill never really outright disagrees with me, per se. He just hammers me with profoundly articulate arguments phrased in a manner that makes me go, "Yeah, what he said." It's creepy.)

I think what we've been through over the past couple of months is tiring all of us out. When we met this morning to discuss my feedback, we agreed to the parameters of what we're going to argue about. If it's something that hurts the communication value, it's fair game for me. If it's a creative decision, then I leave it alone. Fine.

Am fried. Waiting for the weekend and my Chinese food delivery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pam can't wait to see the spots. You've come a long way baby! Congrats!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pam - look at you! Who knew working on the Jeep account would take you to Senegal. You go girl!

So happy to see you doing so well, I have often wondered where you were.

I was tipped off by msle that you were famous. I'm busy now running around telling everyone that I knew you when you were just a lowly AE on the Jeep business. Of course, I was a lowly (or was that just lowly PAID) media buyer.


3:43 PM  
Blogger Pam Davis and Bill Baker said...

Hey now! It's old school days!

For anyone who might be interested, N is Nancy the former media buyer now media director (I think) who was, in fact, lowly paid. When I knew her, I was making $13K a year and worked about 70 hours a week. I'm pretty sure she made a whopping $15K (I was envious).

I could also smoke at my desk then, too. Also, the art director didn't have a computer and drew, by hand, every ad, including the type. (Some hints as to how old I am.)

I must say that I'M interested to know who msle is. Again, another hint as to how old I am - can't remember names of people from back in the day.

You guys should be able to figure out how to get ahold of me knowing that I'm at WWF. Get in touch!


8:06 PM  

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