Friday, November 11, 2005

More print "discussions" (Pam)

More arguing…pardon me, I mean, spirited debate…over the copy on the print ads. I’m so tired. So very tired.

It was an intense meeting. I was still having problems with the copy on the ads. I gave feedback that the creative guys weren’t particularly liking. There was a point in the meeting where I almost torpedoed the print concept altogether.

Joe Piccolo, the senior writer on the business, was apoplectic but did a good job of controlling himself. Very professional, as always, but pissed off nonetheless. It’s funny to watch him when he gets angry with me. I can see he wants to punch me right in the head, but he knows that I’d just get up and repeat myself.

Chris Taciuk, Joe’s writing partner, always the voice of reason and referee between Joe and I, suggested that another half-hour of concentrated effort would resolve my issues. (Chris wears these weird covers on his shoes…whitey tighties for running shoes. He thinks they’re cool. They’re not.)

Needless to say, I was completely dubious. Afterall, they’d just finished telling me that they’d spent countless hours and the current state of copy was the best there was in the offing.

So, they took their extra half-hour.

I worked on my budgets.

I answered some emails.

I drank some Diet Coke.

I went back into the meeting room and, holy guacamole, they did it. They came up with an ingenious tweak that saved the entire concept.

God, they’re good. I am SO relieved. I can get behind the print concept now. Great way to start a weekend…confident that this stuff is coming together. At least for now.


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