Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blown Away (Bill)

We were blown away by the success of the WWF ANWR program. For a ridiculously small budget, we delivered a campaign that achieved doubled our objectives. It speaks not only to the power of a well-integrated campaign, but more importantly we think, to the power of an emotional appeal.

I think we bettered ourselves on the Bycatch campaign, the program highlighting the issues associated with over-fishing on the Grand Banks. Somehow we lucked into a couple of hot young Directors from Germany who were willing to fly to Vancouver Aquarium for us. But the magic was delivered after they headed home. These two guys computer generated the entire contents of the tank – a dolphin, fish, coral, a turtle. We held our breath until we saw the fine-cut because the idea sounded great on paper, but none of us had ever done this much CGI. People are blown away when they find out we shot an empty tank.


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