Wednesday, October 12, 2005

We have a brief (Pam)

Received creative brief. Is interesting how a bunch of people can experience the very same conversation, yet retain it in such different ways. Seriously, I’m endlessly fascinated by this.

After some noodling around various words, it’s good to go. Can’t wait for concepts.

This stage of the process is really very annoying for me. Mostly because the stuff is totally out of my control at this point.

It’s like Christmas. I can’t tell you what is the perfect gift for me, but I sure know a crappy gift once I’ve unwrapped it. You can’t wait to open it, but you’re dreading what’s in there. What if it’s one of those sweater shavers? Or a book of inspirational cat poetry? Or a hole puncher with rhinestones glued on it in the shape of a yin/yang symbol?

But, no. It’s not possible for this to happen because the brief is brilliant. It has no mention of rhinestones whatsoever. Why do I get like this?


Blogger Smart with Heart said...

You have me riveted. Or at least, pretty interested. Let's hear more!

10:30 AM  

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