Monday, October 03, 2005

Pizza & briefs (Pam)

We briefed FCB. There was pizza. I wonder if we have to pay for that or if FCB donates it to us. I wonder if our studio costs will mysteriously go up by the cost of 6 pizzas. For some reason, pizza seems to have a very positive effect on the morale of my team. It’s comfort food for the overly stressed.

There must have been about 20 people in the briefing session. Julia, our conservation director, was surprised when she saw how many people were there. I don’t think she’s ever worked with an agency before, so it’s all new to her.

Pretty much every division of FCB was represented. On-line, media, advertising, direct marketing. There were suits and creatives from each division, too. Quite something, really.

You know, we’ve found over our last two campaigns that integration is a lot easier to say you do than to actually do it. But each time, we get better at it. I mean, the simplest things can kill you. Even things like status reports. Really, it goes right to the fundamentals. It can be so tedious sometimes, the information sharing and making sure that everyone knows what everyone’s doing.

I took everyone through the brief with the agency people asking tons of questions. We did get into a fair amount of the science involved.

We’ve agreed that none of us is interested in a campaign about what the earth will be like in 60 years. Sure people care, but only when they’re up really late and can’t get to sleep and have nothing else to think about.

The agency is now working on the creative brief. Not sure when they’re presenting it to us. Waiting for a timeline for the whole campaign. I hope we get that today.

I’ll post the brief once we get it and it’s finalized.

This is the point in the process when I get nervous. Nervous, as in, can’t-eat-cause-I-have-no-appetite-cause-if-they-don’t-nail-this-insight-we’re-dead kind of nervous. Pretty much, that never goes away, now that I think about it.



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